Here, at Deluxe Birmingham Escorts, finding your perfect girl isn’t the hard part, but choosing your perfect girl is. With an elite selection of only the finest, most high-class escorts in Birmingham I absolutely spoil you for choice. But, we all have a type, don’t we? Or, is it variety you prefer? My experience in the industry is that most clients do have a type, but they also like to have a small selection of their favourite girls who they alternate between.

Do you have a type?

I’ll go first – I do have a type, and I don’t like variety so I don’t tend to see more than one person at a time. Typically, I like curvy, older women with specs, but it is obscurity that I am attracted to and certain little things about women that I just love and find SO sexy.

So, obviously I love older women – I always have and always will, I only ever crush on older women and I also love long hair – I’m not actually picky on the colour; I usually go for really dark hair, but similarly, how could I EVER resist a gorgeous blonde? I have a a huuGE GLASSES FETISH. I don’t know where it came from but I just find them SO unintentionally sexy and have always had such a massive thing for them. I also love a strong, solid jawline and really high cheek bones – so basically Alex Vause.

Lastly, my most favourite – I love stretch marks and scars, I find little marks and blemishes like birth marks, freckles etc, beyond sexy.

Basically, just give me Laura Prepon, or Amanda Seyfried

SO, what do you like?

Do you prefer an older women too? Maybe Sophie, who has just turned 30. Sophie also has perfect cheekbones, often likened to a young Sandra Bullock.

Or, do you like younger escorts? Early twenties like Hannah and Megan, or slightly younger Sienna at 19.

Are you fussy on hair colour? Would you prefer a dazzling, blonde-bombshell like Sienna? Or, a long and dark like Megan and Hannah? A lot of my clients prefer a strawberry blonde like Sophie.

Each and every one of my escorts have amazing figures – they are all absolutely unreal; stunning from head to toe. All so similar but with their unique differences. Hannah would be categorised as ‘tall-petite’ with a very slim size 8 figure and medium-sized, natural, 32C bust, standing at 5ft7″ with long, shapely legs.

Are you a bum man?

If so, look absolutely NO further than Megan.
Megan has an outstanding figure, a tiny, toned, size 8 stomach and waist and a perfect 32D bust with THE most amazing bum you have ever seen; part blessed, part squats, you will not find a more peachier peach than Megan’s.

Sophie is also a gym bunny and so has a slim, tight and toned figure sculpted to perfection. Strawberry-blonde, red hair and smooth, porcelain skin, combined with her beautifully, well-spoken voice, Sophie is the ultimate English Rose.

Or, if you’re more of a ‘boob man’

Then Sienna is one for you. She is the smallest of the group, at 5ft4″ and has the most perfect figure. She is slim,
with a small, curvy waist, a peachy, round bum and a big 34DD bust with perfect nipples.

Whoever you pick, rest assured that you are guaranteed the best experiences unmatched by anyone else, this makes choosing your perfect girl much easier..

Olivia x