Fictional character Mistress May from the Netflix series, ‘Bonding’ (a bastardisation of Dominatrix sex-work) being given her own verified Twitter account is a virtual slap in the face to The Adult Industry and everyone in it.

Why? Why has there been such an uproar amongst sex-workers for a show that supposedly depicts their lives and careers? In short, it doesn’t.

Sex-workers are constantly ignored, stigmatised or removed from social media platforms, not just for mentioning their careers but by simply existing, while fictional characters offering misrepresentations of a usually condemned industry are being given platforms that actual sex-workers and activists need. Sex-workers who’s actual lives have been affected by FOSTA/SESTA are advocating for change and for the decriminalisation of their work and a verified twitter account would provide a platform for them to do this; advocate for basic rights and legal protection for sex-workers but, instead, they are constantly punished by having their accounts deleted or shadow-banned simply for the career they have chosen.

It’s unfair that a fictional character is able falsely represent an entire industry and be glamorised into a ‘Dominatrix Icon’ and then to be given a platform much desired by genuine sex-workers who offer a true insight into the industry, influence our community as well as advocate and campaign for changes that would drastically improve the lives and safety of both sex-workers and clients.