We are a Birmingham Escort Agency specialising in high class, elite escorts. We help manage self employed, independent escorts’ calls, texts, emails, adverts, promotions, travel, security and photoshoots meaning our escorts are able to meet clients completely stress free.

We have a long list of elite clientele who are looking for regular dates with sophisticated, intelligent and attractive escorts. We ensure you are in safe and capable hands and are guaranteed a pleasant experience each and every time.

At Deluxe Birmingham Escorts, we are very experienced within the industry and know exactly how to maximise your work load and help you earn as much as possible. You are self employed escorts with a high hourly rate and the lowest admin fee in Birmingham. You are completely self employed and so choose your own working hours and are responsible for your own tax and NI. We have recommended accountants available if needed.

We have a lovely group of escorts working together who are welcoming and offer help and support for any enquiries or concerns you may have. We offer touring – where a group of escorts stay in a different location for a couple of nights to maximise exposure over the UK which is always good fun. Only the best clients will be offered to you allowing you to experience different bars, restaurants, holiday locations, spas and weekends away.

If you’re interested in becoming a deluxe Birmingham escort, click here to fill in our online application form. Or give us a call on, 07818 813428 today.