Happy International Women’s Day

I feel so privileged to work with such clever, strong and independent women. I manage a tribe of fearless, happy, confident girls who uplift each other every single day, and I wouldn’t change a single one of them ♥

Escorting the sale of sex is the oldest profession in the world, and women have been using their body and sexuality as currency since the beginning of time. A trade-off for sex/resources is legal. Still, as soon as someone is paid for their consensual sexual services, it is instantly criminalised, putting hundreds and thousands of women at risk by not being protected by the law. I am fortunate to live in a part of the world where this isn’t the case, but there are so many women out there who aren’t. International Women’s Day needs to be about women everywhere who shouldn’t face discrimination for their jobs and be legally protected in the same way they would be in any other industry. Women in the adult industry want rights, not ‘rescuing’ and criminalising the purchase of sexual services directly harms sex workers by exposing them to dangerous situations due to removals of safety platforms. Adult entertainers are highly paid, therefore generating a high tax bill and putting a lot of money back into the system – the legalisation of such work would encourage more sex workers to declare their income instead of being penalised for their line of work and then giving a tax evasion charge on top. The sex industry is run predominantly by females, the same females who are looked down on and stigmatised for doing something everyone in the world does and enjoys, for a living. Women who are constantly lectured by people telling them they ‘are worth so much more’ – yeah, so much more than £7 an hour, whilst simultaneously being booked or watched. Unless women feel ’empowered’ by what they do: my least favourite word, owed only to its cliched and seemingly only socially acceptable justification for choosing to work in the adult industry. No job in the world is intrinsically empowering or not, and jobs don’t even need to be empowering to exist. The Adult Industry is the only industry in the world where women are expected to be empowered by what they do instead of just noticing women making autonomous decisions about their lives and bodies.