Masturbation, something we have all been doing a lot more lately, is a pleasurable form of natural self-exploration that provides us with guaranteed, easy orgasms and self-care for our mental, physical, and sexual health. Attending to our sexual needs is a great way to unwind and relax and expel any built-up stress and tension. Getting to know your body better allows for enhanced sexual encounters where you can include directions on what you like in your ‘pillow talk’. Something done alone or together with a partner, whether a voyeur or an exhibitionist.

Think ‘Self Care’ – what springs to mind?

Enjoyable activities intended to de-stress and attending to your body and personal needs. Say no more. With a wide range of positive benefits to masturbation, you really shouldn’t need that much encouragement.

  • When we masturbate, we release endorphins, a hormone that promotes well-being and boosts your overall mood. The brain’s reward centre is activated by pleasure and causes us to release hormones that make us feel happy such as, serotonin and endorphins. Not only a substitute for sex but a necessary and rewarding sexual practice.
  • Masturbation helps your body fight stress and act as a natural, fun and accessible, pain reliever. With women, the contractions and endorphins released during climax can help reduce menstrual pain and effectively reduce migraines and headaches. 
  • More and more studies conclude that masturbation and sexual stimulation benefit your overall health, along with stress reduction, improving the immune system, exercising and strengthening your pelvic floor, maintaining the elasticity of the vulva, vagina muscles and tissues and improving sleep. 
  • Arguably one of the most essential benefits of masturbation is the connection between ourselves and self-pleasure. Understanding your body and its reactions is a perfect way to discover what you really like and not what you’re expected and encouraged to enjoy by society, porn and partners. Trying out new habits and ways to touch yourself when alone is crucial in learning about your body and communicating your needs and preferences. This allows for a more fulfilling sexual experience when with new partners. Listening to your body, exploring it and loving it is sure to boost self-esteem and increase your feelings of desire. Understanding and appreciating the beauty of our bodies is very empowering and making ourselves feel good can encourage acceptance and gratitude for the amazingly perfect bodies we have. 

With so many aids and options to be explored, you might surprise yourself with how good something is. Think toys: vibrators, rabbits, butt plugs, cock-rings, warming/tingling lubes, sensory deprivation, erotica, visuals; whether this is mental visuals, porn, phone-chat, web-camming, alone or with a partner. Wanking should never again be underestimated.. ;o)